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Asia Pacific: Accelerating Technology Adoption Spells Business Opportunities

500 million smartphones in China. Over 200 million in India. Collectively, Japan, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Vietnam boast over 300 million internet users. Asia Pacific’s technology adoption rate is fast climbing. By 2020, Asia’s Internet of Things market is poised to reach US$79.3 billion. From bring your own device to professional audiovisual (pro-AV) products, more and more solutions now ride on the network.

Asia Pacific is already home to the world’s largest pro-AV market. For both pro-AV and information communications technology (ICT) players, the region promises surefire and blue-ocean opportunities. Sustainable business success is yoked to a strong presence in the region.

A Region Imbued with an Innovative Spirit

Worth US$41.7 billion in 2016, Asia Pacific’s pro-AV market will only continue to burgeon as megaprojects in major countries gain traction. China will see the fruits of her urbanization efforts. Digital signage informing bus arrivals and smartphone-powered booking engines will become the norm. Korea will see unprecedented efficiency peaks when its Hyper-connectivity Intelligent Network is completed. At the fingertips of Korean businesses will be 1gbps wireless speed, holographic content and access to Big Data.

Singapore will soon emerge as a smart nation. Roads teeming with driverless vehicles and in-home rehabilitative therapy are the future. India too is changing. Buildings in the Gujarat International Finance Tec-City, one of India’s smart cities, will boast district cooling, water filtering and municipal waste collection.

Making all these possible are pro-AV and ICT solutions, and demand for such innovations will reach a fever pitch in Asia Pacific.

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