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China is moving from manufacturing to an innovation powerhouse on the strength of its large mobile and digitally-advanced consumer and entrepreneur base. China’s tech titans like Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent are leading the charge with their disruptive technologies to develop new innovative business models.

Digital Economy Spawns Digital Consumers

China’s digital economy is set to create 415 million jobs by 2035. The advent of digital economy not only fosters higher employment but also gives birth to a new generation of digital consumers. China has one of the largest internet population and number of mobile internet users in the world. In 2016, 78% of Chinese shoppers use multiple devices for online shopping. Needless to say, digital consumers will influence the kind of consumer products that will be in demand and the way in which these products will be produced.

Transforming Urban Towns Into Smart Cities

The future of urbanization is smart cities. Digitalization will change the way people live, work and play. Digital signages, outdoor display monitors, interactive information kiosks at shopping malls, and bus and train stations, iris access control biometric systems are just some of the digital solutions that will transform urban living as well as create immense opportunities for solution providers.

Digitalization Blazing Trail For Pro-AV Industry

China is blazing a global digital trail. Digitalization is transforming and upgrading traditional industries. Intelligent manufacturing merging new-generation information technology and manufacturing technology is triggering a new round of manufacturing revolution. As Professional AudioVisual and Experiential Communications applications represent an integral part of intelligent manufacturing, solutions providers should grasp opportunities in digital-driven manufacturing.

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