Every year, delegates from across the globe attend the InfoComm China Summit where luminaries and experts share rising trends, technology updates and industry best practices.

"The InfoComm China Summit is a very professional platform. There are increasingly more professionals among the delegates with each year. Whenever new technologies or trends emerge such as AVoIP, manufacturers and end-users tend to develop divergent understanding of its logic, causing confusion across the industry. This Summit helps to clear the air and guide the industry. It also helps users understand how there is no good or bad technology, only the right selection and application of technology. With the industry becoming more professional and the overall improvement in industry practices, the audience is now more interested in technical discussions, finding these technology-skewed exchanges more valuable."

Summit Speaker - Leo Li, Managing Director, Beijing DigiBird Technology

"I'm in systems integration. Coming to the Summit, I can better understand new technologies found locally and from abroad. For example, the technical parameters, performance and details for distribution systems. From the sharing and learning during these sessions, I have become more confident in delivering better and more professional results when working on clients' projects."

Summit Attendee – Yu Shui, General Manager, Beijing Yiyuan Information Technology Co., Ltd.

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