The transformative power of Professional AudioVisual (Pro-AV) and Experiential Communications is felt in every industry. Cutting-edge solutions help streamline business operations, in turn boosting efficiency in the workplace. InfoComm China is where you can tap into opportunities to harness the power of Pro-AV and Experiential Communications. Discover game-changing innovations that will give your business a competitive advantage.

"I first visited InfoComm China last year and benefited much from the show, so I’m here again. The show this year again gave me many creative ideas. I’ve also found a new business partner. I love the inspiration I derive from the show each time I visit. It’s great!"

Lu Hai Feng, Founding Partner, SoCar Data & Consulting

"Each year, I look forward to seeing new technologies, new formats in solutions, and exhibitors’ case studies. This year, there were 3D displays, pathfinder applications for vehicle navigation, and new formats in projection technology, all of which were very unique."

Zhu Boyu, IT Director, Bestory Technology Co., Ltd.

"This is my second visit to InfoComm China. Every year, I will be here to see if there are any new and interesting products. There may be a product that I may need, that I can introduce to my customers, or that I can recommend as part of an integrated solution. This exhibition is very helpful to our work, especially in the current market, because our projects are customized according to the needs of our customers."

Jiao Xiaobin, IT Director, Zhengzhou Bihaiqingtian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

"The exhibition is very well-organized, with its comprehensive range of exhibits, especially new technologies in integrated distribution systems. With the advent of high-definition projectors and 4K technology popularization, projection technology that caters to different needs is fast developing, offering a wide range of applications. This show is very beneficial to companies."

Wan Baohua, IT Director, Guangzhou Zhizhen Information Technology Co., Ltd.

"This is my first visit to InfoComm China. Our company’s main focus is on integration projects in museums. With the current transformation of museums, there is much demand for AV technologies. My first impression of this exhibition is that it’s a consolidation of global resources – the show is huge, covering so many halls. It’s basically a one-stop venue – you can see everything you need to see in AV-related hardware and software. It’s better than I had expected."

Cai Liqun, IT Director, Qingdao Zhongkehuiju Co., Ltd.

"We are software developers for smart phones, offices, controllers and energy efficient devices. China is a big market for us, so we came to understand the market, so that we can build brand recognition here. We know there are many international brands here in China, including Atlona and Harman, so we wanted to come here to take a look at what is new in the market."

Anton Karmaev, Commercial Director, iRidium Mobile

"This is the fourth year I’m visiting InfoComm China and it was a good show! The show gets more advanced every year. I get to see many new products. This year, I saw even more new exhibitors. China is the manufacturing hub of the world so there are many good manufacturers here. You can get exactly what you want. Whether you want to customize or change a design, they can do it."

Gagan Wadhawan, International Sales Manager, Suvira International (I) Regd

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