The transformative power of professional audiovisual (pro-AV) and information communications technology (ICT) is felt in every industry. Cutting-edge solutions help to streamline business operations, in turn boosting efficiency in the workplace. InfoComm China 2017 is where you can tap into opportunities to harness the power of pro-AV and ICT. Discover game-changing innovations that will give you a competitive advantage.

“The scale of InfoComm China gets bigger and more exciting with each year, and there are always new things to see. I will make it a point to visit the show every year, mainly to meet up with customers and vendors as well as explore other exhibits and take part in the Summit. It’s a way for me to learn new things and enhance my professional knowledge."

Wang Qingyang, Sales Engineer, Beijing Kuaisi Chuangjie Keji Co., Ltd, which purveys touchscreen solutions such as handheld remotes and wireless control systems for homes, classrooms and hotels.

“Compared with last year's show, what I am most impressed by the 2014 show is the significant increase in the number of audio exhibitors and audio products. Sennheiser, Shure, Audio-Technica, BXB, d&b audiotechnik and other major brands exhibited their latest products. I managed to find a few suitable suppliers for some of my on-going projects, and we are in the midst of discussing how to take our collaborations further.”

Zhou Yun, Sichuan Xun Hao Lighting and Sound Systems Engineering Co., Ltd.

“InfoComm China is definitely the most definitive show. It upholds the highest standards among tradeshows in China, especially in the realms of projector screens, high-definition videos, central controls, and projection technologies. During the show, I saw many new and latest video technologies and integrated information processing technologies from around the world, from 4K videos to small LED dot-matrix display and long-range controls. I got to see all these new products and their applications in security surveillance, information transmission and processing, visualisation and many other fields. They have provided me lots of inspiration and will definitely help me in my work ahead.”

Tian Le, Project Manager, Aerospace Long March Launch Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd.

“This is my first time visiting InfoComm China and it is definitely one of the largest AV shows I have ever attended. The show offered very high-quality exhibits. First, the exhibition area was huge. Second, there were many brands participating in the show, and the line-up included many major brand names. Third, the showcase offered high levels of specialised technicality. In big-scale construction projects, we often use large projector screens, security surveillance, broadcasting systems, smart home design features and other audio-visual equipment. I found some compatible suppliers at the show, and even identified some good suppliers as backup options. The show was definitely worth my trip here.”

Zhou Changhao, Assistant Manager, Project Bidding, BWCG

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