Our company is a local subsidiary of Shinko Shoji Co.,Ltd. who is listed with first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Our company entered to Shanghai in 1998 as a branch of Hong Kong company, and set up to a local subsidiary as bonded area company in Dec.2004. We provide the semiconductor of Renesas Electronics mainly and other Japanese semiconductor, electronic parts, solutions. We also provide EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services), measuring equipment and production facility. We have good relationship with big semiconductor manufactures and electronic manufactures and we have products from devises to solutions.

Topic: Tech Dialogue: 5G, Data and IoT - How to Avoid Being Left Behind

Tech Dialogue: 5G, Data and IoT – How to Avoid Being Left Behind?

  • How will 5G transform business operations and consumer behaviours?
  • Age of big data: what to expect and how to prepare for It
  • Building a cognitive enterprise through AI-powered transformation
  • Key take-aways for business to stay competitive and sustainable


Jane Lo, Correspondent, MySecurityMedia; Director, Finboxx


Vihang Shah, Executive Advisor, SynFiny Advisors, Singapore

John Lee, Managing Director (ASIA PACIFIC), GRF ASIA-PACIFIC Pte Ltd

Oleg Ishanov, Director of Information Security, Acronis